Find your Tubeless size


The correct Tubeless insert size is the same as the tire size. 

Tires usually have dimensions written on them. Take a look on the side of your tire. You need to look for the two numbers with an "x" in the middle.


How to install Tubeless

NOTE: Tannus Tubeless inserts are for Tubeless tires and rim only

Prepare your tubeless set-up by installing the rim-tape and valve according to the manufacturer's guidelines. Ensure you are familiar with setting up tubeless tires before proceeding with installation.

1. Install the first bead of the tire around the rim

2. Be sure to align the tubeless notch with the valve

3. Install Tannus Tubeless under the tire and inside the bead of the rim

4. Push second bead of the tire inside the bead of the rim

5. Complete your tubeless setup by adding Tubeless sealant

Recommended sealant quantity per tire:

LITE:  ~ 60 ml / PRO:  ~ 120 ml / FUSION:  ~ 250 ml

6. Inflate tire using a pump or air compressor and check for leaks


Recommended Pressure

Tire pressure is a personal preference depending on size of the rider and riding conditions. However, adding Tannus Tubeless does allow you to run lower pressure which gives better control, and comfort. We recommend starting out 0,1 - 0,5 BAR lower than what you normally ride and go up or down from there based on the riding feeling.


Most common questions about Tubeless

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