Find your Armour size


The correct Armour size is the same as the tire size. 
The only difference is that you will have to use a slightly smaller tube than normal.

Tires usually have dimensions written on them. Take a look on the side of your tire. You need to look for the two numbers with an "x" in the middle.

How to install Armour

1. Inflate the inner tube slightly

Inflate the inner tube slightly. This makes assembly easier

2. Evaluate the side wing cut

For some tires it is necessary to cut the side wings of the insert slightly so that they do not bend inwards during assembly. Place the insert inside the tire and make sure that the side wings of the insert do not protrude excessively from the tire. If the lateral wings are in excess, use scissors to trim the lateral wing of the insert on both sides

3. Install First Bead of Tire and Armour

Place one side of the tire over the bead of the rim. Insert one side of the Armour inside the tire and over the rim.

4. Insert Inner Tube

Insert the inner tube valve through the rim valve hole. Place the inner tube inside the Tannus Armour. Make sure the Armour wings are not folded.

5. Mount Armour Into the Rim

Place the remaining exposed Armour flap over the rim under the bead.

6. Finish, Check, and Inflate

Secure the remaining side of the tire beading into the rim using a tire lever if needed.

Check that the tire has been installed correctly before inflating. Make sure the tire is not pinching the tube or the Armour between the tire bead and rim.


Recommended Pressure

Tire pressure is a personal preference depending on size of the rider and riding conditions. However, adding Tannus Armour does allow you to run lower pressure which gives better control, and comfort. We recommend starting out 0,1 - 0,5 BAR lower than what you normally ride and go up or down from there based on the ride feel you enjoy.


Most common questions about Armour

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