Innovative Anti-Puncture Solutions for cyclist

With its multiple internationally recognized patents, Tannus develops increasingly safe, high-performance and user-friendly solutions. The patents are the result of more than 15 years of Research and Development and have led to the creation of the best performing and safest full tire in history.

Tannus - Anti-Punctures Solutions for Bikes


Micro-Air Cells

The Aither material is made up of 80% Air. This means thans an average Tannus tire contains approximately 1,000,000,000 closed micro-air bubbles wrapped in what we call the "bone" and "muscle" of the compound. This is exactly what makes it extremely light and comfortable despite being a solid tire.


Year of R&D

Thanks to the unique properties of the Aither material, there are benefits such as lightness, absorption of terrain irregularities and excellent grip on both dry and wet asphalt. This mixture of different types of polymers gives strength, stability, elasticity, lightness and long life to the tire.