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Find your Airless tire size

NOTE: Tannus Airless tires are compatible with Clincher rims but NOT with Tubular or Hookless rims

Your inner rim width determines which tires will fit your bicycle as well as which locking pins you will need for a proper fit.



METHOD 1: Identify the ETRTO measurement on the rim. The ETRTO measurement is shown on the rim stickers with two numbers.

Example: 622-15C. The number 15 corresponds to the millimeters of the internal channel of the rim.

METHOD 2: Remove the tire and measure the inside of the channel with a caliber or ruler.

Airless Inner Rim Width

How to install Airless

Everything you need to install the tires is included in the box. You get the S-Tool and 3 different PIN sizes to allow for the variation in your rim width.

Tannus - Anti-Punctures Solutions for Bikes

1. Select the correct PIN size

Usually the correct PIN size for your rim is your inside rim width channel (A) + 3.5mm.

Example: Inner Rim Width 20 mm. Correct PIN 23,5 mm (20+3,5 mm)

Alternatively, just insert, with the help of pliers, a PIN into the rim channel perpendicular to it. The correct PIN size must curve slightly inside the rim and avoid any slipping along it.

The size of the PIN is indicated on the PIN itself.

Tannus - Anti-Punctures Solutions for Bikes

2. Insert the PINs into the Airless tire

There are around 40 insertion points around the tire that ensure the tire is secured safely to the rim. Insert the correct PINs, you selected in step 1, into each of these holes points. This ensures there is no rolling of the tire on the rim when cornering.

Tannus - Anti-Punctures Solutions for Bikes

3. Push PINs inside the rim

Once the tire is beaded around the rim, use the supplied S-Tool to push the PINS into the rim channel. Correctly installed PINs should NOT be visible once the tire is mounted.

Tannus - Anti-Punctures Solutions for Bikes

How to install Airless Tire


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